Thursday, March 20, 2008


By Sivu Nobongoza

Xolisa Dyeshana is one of those hustlers you’re going to have to keep a close eye on, as I can almost guarantee you, he’s going to feature on a global scale going forward. He has graced the advertising arena with a number of accolades ranging from being a Loerie Judge to winning awards at the loo… I mean Louvre’s. Not only is he one of the most entertaining people you’ll ever have the pleasure of sharing a 2L Iron Brew with, he also has one of the most creative minds in the business. BD Mac, as his high school friends know him, has been macking the advertising game with a plethora of market relevant conceptual activities since he graduated as a copywriter at PenTech in 2001. Though his creative pizzazz existed long before his varsity training, his skills were harnessed here in Mother’s bosom before he yielded to the big shiny Kruger Rand in Jozi; the city of flashing lights. Even with his gleaming black beamer he has a heart of gold and the ability to see past his own needs. I’m sure there are more than a handful of individuals who can testify to his unconditional kindness… and his hook-ups. My man BD is a master of many things including his knowledge of PLASMA-screen TV’s, X-box’s, girls, politics, green-peace, music, dancing, romance and African development and lot of other impeccable things (‘cause that’s our concern here at Encore). Check out what he has to say about life in general.

What is your profession?

I'm a Creative Director in an advertising agency (Joe Public).

Creative Director? Sounds like you earn a killing... Is this the
highest creative position in Advertising? (if not...what is?)

Believe me it only sounds that way hahaha. It's definitely one of the more senior positions in advertising, but not the highest. The ultimate is Executive CD or Group Exec CD.

What makes a good creative?

Good creative friends. Just kidding. I believe we all have some level of creativity within us and I suppose a good creative person is one who identifies that skill and works to hone and develop it.

You were the second South African ever to be called on to judge at the
John Caples Advertising Awards in New York last year. How did that feel? (You’ll notice I didn’t say ‘black’)

It felt great. The opportunity to represent my country and see how we fare against other nations around the world was indeed a great honour and learning curve.

Your parents must have been proud, what was their reaction?

They asked what I’d bring them from New York! No, my parents have always been very supportive of me throughout my career, so when the Caples opportunity came along, they were extremely happy for me, but were also quick to point out that such blessings do not come sorely out of ones own power and wisdom.

Rumour has it Sean John, otherwise known as P. Diddy, may have asked you to do his next big budget advertising campaign. Did you accept?

Diddy really do that?! Well I think his people are still negotiating with my people.

Who is your favourite musical performer and why? (so we can catch up to
him for you)

Locally, I’m really feeling Siphokazi’s amazing insurgence into the music scene. She’s really gifted. Internationally, R.Kelly’s creative genius continues to captivate me.

One of the things about a good writer is that you have to be able to
write anything for an ad... Please oblige us with a worthy Encore verse!

You’ll always want more from Encore! (Ed's note: damn that sounds like a tag line for a Lubners ad)

What words do you have for junior mafias out there who are looking to
get into the creative field after school?

Advertising is an amazing career choice. It’s fun, it’s pacy and it constantly stimulates and challenges to you think beyond the obvious. So if you’re the kind of person who enjoys coming up with all kinds of ideas, then there’s no better place to be. And in the words of Apple CEO - Steve Jobs -“STAY HUNGRY”

Who would you like to see interviewed on Encore Mag in future?

Lerato Mbele (Ed's note: we'll make that happen homes)

Having studied and harnessed your skill in Cape Town, I think its its only fair to claim you as one of its protégés. How have you found the move to Jozi and what would it take to get you back?

The move to JHB was quite an eye opener for me, cause till then, Cape Town was the biggest place I’d lived in. It was also quite a culture shock because you have so many different people from so many different backgrounds, all trying to get their hands on the gold and competing vigorously to be the best at what they do. I think the best thing for me is that instead of all that mass drive intimidating me, it actually did quite the opposite and I feel I am more inspired now than I’ve ever been in my life. I think it would take quite a lot to bring me back to the Motha City because the two cities are so different in pace. As much as I really love Cape Town and all its people, the truth is that you somehow always know where the roof is when you’re there and that didn’t quite work for me.

In 2007 Cosmopolitan Magazine rated you as one of Jozi’s top bachelors (we’re not worthy). Did that boost your street cred amongst the ladies?

No they didn’t! hahaha

In that case we’ll have to lay off our researcher for bad intel. In 2006 you were the proud winner of the Louvre Advertising Competition. Tell us about that?

Funny, I won for an idea I had on the plane as I left Cape Town. It felt really good for me and I’m sure it must have made my new employers quite happy about their ‘choice’. On top of that I got a really cool plasma as a prize and THAT definitely boosted my street cred among the ladies.

Where to from here? Can we expect an award winning sitcom or book from you in the near future?

For now, I’m really pushing my self in my career and I really want my department (BTL at Joe Public) to do as well as I believe it can. There is also some really exciting things in the pipeline which you’ll probably hear about before June. More than that, I’m taking each day as it comes and making the most of it.

Last but not least “Who’s your daddy?” (not your old man, but who’s your daddy?)

The same guy who brought you Jesus and more recently, Encore Mag.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Pity we only appreciated when we leave home. In all my years in Cape town (being born here) Only got to meet you when I got to Joburg and even when I was in jozi never knew what you did or where you were from, but all I really want to say it's so weired how we live amongst inspiring people but never know until they move. Big ups ndoda, ulighorha kum! (excuse my xhosa spelling) Keep doing what you doing, makes me really proud and you would have never known it but you helped me make an important decision today about my career.

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