Thursday, February 21, 2008


Andre 3000, one half of the most successful hip-hop groups of all time Outkast, has been a bit scarce since the group released 2006’s Idlewild. Fans of the colourful and charismatic MC and actor will be pleased to know that not only will Andre 3 Stacks be starring in the upcoming comedy “Semi-Pro” alongside Will Ferrell, but he’ll soon be releasing a solo album as well as a new fashion line.

The Atlanta native discussed his Benjamin Bixby clothing line and his upcoming album with New York Magazine.

"[Benjamin Bixby] is a character who's kind of like your uncle, or your granddad," says Andre. "And he has a closet full of experiences and clothes, and he's been around the world." Unlike Outkast Clothing, which is more of a regular hip hop line, the Benjamin Bixby line is expected to be carried in upscale retailers. Andre also says he's been visiting Italian factories and Parisian textile fairs, while taking style advice from Vogue editor and noted fashionista Anna Wintour.

On his yet-untitled solo album, he had this to say: "[Production will be handled by] Organized Noize, myself, and whoever got some heat. You know, I've been producing since ATLiens," added Andre. "Even with music, I never say, 'Well, we [Outkast] got to put out a record every year.' I just want to express any way I can, whether it's film, music, or fashion."

Knowing Andre, we can expect a mind-blowing boundary-pushing album that will challenge a lot of people’s preconceived ideas about hip hop. Can’t wait!

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