Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I was in the GHETTO and a LONELY SNITCH told me you like to SMACK THAT. Then I'm sure you'll be BLOWN AWAY that I CROSSed THAT LINE and hooked up a POT OF GOLD with 5 mazzenine Tickets so you can holla "AY PAPI do you wanna CRUSH on some TEQUILA SUNRISE coz my ish is more JOHN BLAZE that that. BET YA MAN CAN'T LEAN BACK and flip espaniol like NADA SE COMPARA CONTIGO" (heaven only knows what that's about, but if the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM says its so. Its So!)

See AKON and FAT JOE perform LIVE @ the Good Hope Centre this Saturday, 12th April 2008. BE ONE of FIVE LUCKY WINNERS to WIN a ticket to the Urban Music Festival featuring MTV Award-winning artists Akon and Fat Joe. Why? Because Encore Mag and XTRALARGE Entertainment wanna treat you right. Simply email the name of Fat Joe's latest ALBUM and your contact details to sivun@encoremag.co.za and you could be in the ish!

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